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Why Your Organization Needs a Knowledge Management System

author Justin Friedman

Hold up. We know what you’re thinking. "Another new scheme that claims to improve your business?" Yes and no.

Yes, because it will add to the most important asset of your business - your human resource. And no, because it will actually do something more than that.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve worked or for whom, there is one thing we’re sure you’ll agree on. The skillset of your fellow colleagues was quite (in some cases, very) different than yours.

In no way are we comparing capabilities. It’s just the simple truth that some people know (or read) more than others & this extra knowledge shows in their work.

Now imagine, if every employee in your organization was connected through an AI-powered all-in-one knowledge management system. This is where we come in.

What Are We?

AllAnswered is a unique concept that boosts the skillset of your employees through knowledge sharing, Q&A’s, periodic revision, and productivity management. If that sounds too much, let us break it down.

What Do We Do?

AllAnswered is a knowledge base software that aims to equip your employees with tacit as well as explicit knowledge. Just to differentiate between the two, tacit knowledge is difficult to grasp and teach. Since this is the know-how part of everyday work, it involves experience and natural skills.

If that gives you the impression that tacit knowledge is unteachable, it’s not. The most efficient way to acquire tacit knowledge is through Q&As. It encourages the employees to embark upon a journey to figure out the best possible strategy together.

But our AllAnswered knowledge management system goes a step further and includes polls, news, and ideas to help train your employees on real-time issues and challenges.

Moreover, our knowledge base software provides your learning organization with ways to capture explicit knowledge. To elaborate, it’s the ’know-what’, the factual knowledge of your company and processes.

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How Do We Do It?

But of course, you shouldn’t have to take just our word for all the work we promise we do. Instead, we’ll let you know exactly how our knowledge management system works and then, you can decide for yourself.

AllAnswered’s knowledge base software is a tool to store all your organizational data, ideas, and projects. It’s an apex knowledge platform that stores and manages every information about your organization. In addition, it boosts the morale of your employees by bringing them closer.

The New Gen KMS & Wikis

The knowledge management system has gone through several phases since its introduction in the ’90s. The Yahoo intranet focused on a ‘private internal system’ that couldn’t be shared with external sources. Since the internet was in its initial days, the intranet was difficult to operate and manage.

Next came the Document management system (DMS), an almost similar concept to the knowledge base software, helped companies store, manage, and recover data.

The DMS aimed at reducing the use of paper and documents and helped popularize the ’search-and-find’ concept. This helped users in extracting data faster, resulting in an overall increase in productivity.

Due to certain limitations like cumbersome operations and updates, the DMS was inadequate in meeting the needs of a dynamic business environment.

Then came the wikis, the brainchild of a people sourced online encyclopedia - Wikipedia. The wiki pages are the most technologically advanced data storing units to date. They allow group collaboration on documentation.

However, the AllAnswered Knowledge Management System recognizes the limitations of wikis as well. The lack of tacit knowledge sharing, participation issues, and stale content tells us that the wikis needed an upgrade.

We are that upgrade.

Are We Cost-Effective?

Yes! Imagine an organization with equally competent employees that share information, work together on hypothetical challenging situations, and achieve overall workplace harmony while doing it.

Now imagine that you’ll have it with just $5 per user per month.

And if you’re an educational/non-profit organization, you pay $1 per user per month.

If that doesn’t sound too good for you, don’t hesitate to go through other plans on our website and choose one that is especially suitable for your organization.

Additionally, we only charge for active users so you don’t have to worry about employee turnover (at least not with us!) and you can choose whether you’d like to add or remove any particular user from your company’s board at any time.

So don’t worry, you wouldn't be paying for anything that doesn't provide you value.

Is Your Data Safe With Us?

We’d be worried if the question doesn’t pop up in your head at least once. Luckily for you, we’ve decided to bring it up and we assure you, your data is all yours.

We have a robust privacy protection system to help you know where exactly your data is stored and how it is managed. Your ’personal’ (as in the data used to identify you) is only used to the extent that it allows us to communicate with you and helps us manage your account access.

On the other hand, your non-personal data is purely used to make your experience better on our knowledge base software.

Also, if you decide to quit using AllAnswered for any reason, you can ask for a complete export of your organization’s data.

Find AllAnswers

If there’s even a hint of skepticism, we recommend you visit our website or contact us through our contact form.

We’ll answer all your queries and help you create the best knowledge sharing plan for your organization. And if you do decide to make us a tiny, little part of your success, we’ll be ready.


Justin Friedman

Marketing manager at Technology enthusiast. Obsessed with SaaS and team collaboration tools. I am always learning and love to help!