All-In-One Knowledge Management System for Engineering Teams

Better Confluence + Private StackOverflow + Slack Integration

AllAnswered knowledge management solution captures your team's information in a central repository and keeps it up-to-date. So your team can spend less time searching and more time building.

all-in-one solution

Get answers from the experts in your organization

Capture your best team members' expertise and knowledge so that everyone has easy access to these best practices. Having a custom Questions & Answers portal like Stack Overflow ensures institutional knowledge is never lost.

End costly shoulder taps that interrupt people's flow

Your talented team members need blocks of uninterrupted time to do the deep work required for innovation. Every interruption hurts productivity and the quality of everyone's work.

questions and answers
document management

Keep information updated with workflow and collaboration

Outdated information is a waste of resources and could cause significant mistakes. AllAnswered provides your team with built-in workflow and collaboration features, making it simple to keep your knowledge base up to date.

Prevent knowledge loss when employees leave

Every time employees walk out the door, they're taking their knowledge and expertise with them. Capture their know-how before it is too late with an all-in-one knowledge management solution.

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Advanced Wiki

Wiki pages to document architecture designs, implementation specs and operation processes.

Private Q&A

Your own Questions & Answers platform like StackOverflow to capture team know-how.

Slack Integration

Ask questions, get answers and search for your team knowledge without leaving Slack.

Version Control

All contents are version controlled so you can revert to any previous versions if needed.

Why AllAnswered?


46% increase

in user participation

knowledge silos

34% reduction

in interruptions


40% less time

spent searching

End Interruptions & Give Your Team the Resources They Need to Do Their Best Work

You’re in good company