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Seamless Knowledge Management with AllAnswered Slack Integration

author Justin Friedman

Slack is an instant messaging platform that almost every workplace seems to be using these days. It is a real-time communication tool that allows people or teams to communicate with each other, whether in an office or remote working environment. Although an efficient communication tool, its inefficiency is reflected when it is used as a centralized knowledge source for your organization. 

In this article, we will discuss Slack workspace and why it is important to integrate Slack with efficient knowledge management software.

Slack Workspace

The workspace in Slack is made up of channels where employees and teams can communicate, collaborate, and work together. The following are the key features of Slack.

Organized conversations

In the Slack workspace, teams can share files and send messages in channels. These channels can be created for specific projects, teams, office locations, or anything else which is relevant to the company. Moreover, channels can also be made private for particular conversations that should not be visible to all team members.

Slack also provides its users with a direct messaging feature. Rather than sending messages to a group of people, you can send personal messages to individuals using Slack.

Searchable history

Files and messages sent through public channels make the information flow transparent for all Slack users. Therefore, the communication tool can be used for locating files, people, channels, and messages through the search option. However, looking for information in your company’s slack channel can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

With the number of Slack channels increasing every day within the organization, accessing relevant information quickly becomes difficult for the employees. This results in a lot of inefficiencies and wasted time looking for resourceful information.

It is for this reason that Slack is an efficient communication tool but an inefficient knowledge management tool. 

allanswered knowledge management

Knowledge Management

There is no doubt that a wide range of informational resources can help an organization thrive in their day-to-day business operations. However, none of it will matter if the information is not accessible or easy to find for people who are most likely to make use of it. Therefore, businesses must have processes in place to collect, organize, and share information to improve the knowledge management of the company.

What is a Knowledge Management Tool?

The knowledge management tool helps organizations to manage and share information to improve understanding, collaboration, and process alignment. Companies make use of these systems to share information internally as well as externally. The internal knowledge management system is intended for the use of employees, whereas the external knowledge management tool is intended for the use of customers.

For instance, the FAQ section on the website is an example of a customer knowledge base, whereas the policy and process documentation for new hires is an example of an internal knowledge base. When the information is organized systematically, it becomes easier for intended people to access and use it efficiently.

AllAnswered – An Efficient Knowledge Base Software

AllAnswered is a single centralized platform that provides your company with an efficient knowledge management tool to find and access information quickly and effectively. The tool supports wiki pages for documenting crucial information relating to your organization. Besides, it also provides a Question and Answer system to capture know-hows that is mostly experienced-based and relatively hard to document.

As explained above, Slack needs an efficient knowledge management tool such as AllAnswered to ensure that critical information can be captured easily and accessible by people who intend to make use of it.

Integrating Slack with AllAnswered Knowledge Base Software

The AI-powered AllAnswered knowledge management tool can be seamlessly integrated with Slack to provide users with an efficient way to access information and knowledge. The following are the three simple steps to connect Slack with AllAnswered.

1. Create a team on AllAnswered

Creating a team on AllAnswered is as simple as entering your email. You can create a robust knowledge base for your team in less than a minute. AllAnswered is a cloud-hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, and you have no software to install or maintain.

2. Connect AllAnswered team to Slack team

Now that you have your AllAnswered team all setup, it is time to connect it with the Slack team for seamless knowledge management. Under the Admin Team, click on Integrations and then select Slack to connect with your Slack team.

connect to slack

3. Map community in your team to a Slack channel

Using AllAnswered integration, community moderators can map their community to a Slack channel and configure cross-posting to slack based on their post types. For mapping to a private channel, first, you will need to add the AllAnswered app to the channel, and only then your private channel will appear in the dropdown list.

map slack channel

Based on your requirements, you can choose what type of information should be sent to your Slack channel. You can choose – new posts, new pages, new records, new answers, new comments, updates on existing contents, and accepted answers.

After successfully integrating Slack with AllAnswered, your team members and employees can see all of the posts on AllAnswered without leaving the Slack interface. It will turn the efficient communication platform into an efficient knowledge management tool. People can comment, answer various questions, and accept answers all from the Slack channels.

slack notifications


Moreover, integrating Slack with AllAnswered will also result in a more efficient way of locating and finding relevant information. Slack users can directly search for information on AllAnswered using the slash command in Slack. This will reduce the search time by increasing accessibility to relevant information and documents.

search in slack

Final Thoughts

Integrating Slack with an efficient knowledge management tool such as AllAnswered allows the employee to capture and reuse information in an easy way. It creates more value for the organization by reducing the search time and increasing employee productivity. Moreover, it is the only way to convert an inefficient Slack knowledge base into an efficient AllAnswered-powered Slack knowledge base.


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