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Quick reference card for helpful information you need from time to time.

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Quick Info Template

There are countless situations when you need to write something down and share it with your team. Doing that can help eliminate issues and concerns, and it will also make it easy to have the information you need ready to go. Our Quick Info template helps you with that exact problem since it makes it very simple for anyone within your company to share precious information nuggets that will come in handy.

What can you add with the Quick Info template?

That depends on what department you are working in and who you are connected with. Ideally, you want to have at least the most commonly needed contact information in there, so everyone within the company can contact the right people if needed. You can also add here a variety of information bits and pieces. The most important aspect is to keep the information as accurate as possible, especially if you want to share it within your company.

Also, since this is designed as a Quick Info sharing page, you need to consider sharing only small bits of information, not a long article. It helps others quickly get the information they need without reading through a long document.

Great reminder system

The reference cards within the Quick Info page are designed from the ground up to help you keep information you may need at a later date. Managing your ideas and tracking crucial ones you had a while ago can be difficult. But with the Quick Info template, it will be easier to put those ideas in a safe place where you and your team can access it when needed. It helps save good ideas for future review and focus on the tasks at hand to generate more values and results. That alone can make a huge difference.

Very easy to use

The Quick Info template can be easily adapted to your own needs. Adding information to the template is fast and straightforward. It's well worth the effort, especially if you work with a lot of contacts, ideas, and features. Using the Quick Info template makes it easier to create your own cheat-sheet that remembers everything for you. And it can bring in that set of ideas that may prove to be crucial to your business.

Don't hesitate and try out the Quick Info template today if you want a reliable tool to help you manage and sort through bits of information.