Interview Feedback

Date: today's date

Candidate: candidate name

Interviewer: @mention interviewer

Recruiter: @mention recruiter

Job title: e.g. Software engineer

Job level: e.g. E4

Competency evaluation

A candidate should be rated on a scale from 1 to 5.

5. Exceeds requirements 4. Above average 3. Average 2. Below average 1. Far below average

Area Rating Comments
e.g. Relevant experience e.g. 4 e.g. justifications for the rating
e.g. Communication skills e.g. 5 e.g. justifications for the rating

Overall Impression and Recommendation

overall impression

Recommendation: Hire or No Hire

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Interview Feedback Template

What is an Interview Feedback Template?

Interview feedback is the most crucial information for the hiring manager to decide whether to hire the candidate or not.

The AllAnswered Interview Feedback template provides the hiring team with a structured form to stay organized and collect relevant information regarding the candidates. The template allows everyone who participated in the interview to provide feedback in a concise and consistent way that helps the hiring manager to make informed decisions.

Why Use an Interview Feedback Template?

Using an Interview Feedback template allows your team to have a stress-free interview process. There will be no need to write down random notes here and there for all the candidates interviewed. With the help of this template, all you need to do is fill in the template which you have prepared after the interview process ends.

The template also ensures that your organization can streamline the recruitment process. It helps different hiring teams be consistent and use the same template during all recruitment events.

The template also ensures that you can easily compare candidates with great clarity, making your candidates shortlisting process much simpler.

Moreover, if your organization provides candidates with feedback, the template makes it easier for the HR team to quickly compile all the information. Well-organized feedback demonstrates the professionalism of your company.

How to use the Interview Feedback Template?

You can start using the interview feedback template by outlining the details of the interview. For instance, at the start of the template, you can include details such as date, candidate name, interviewer, recruiter, job title, and job level. Details about job title and job level will help you figure out what kind of questions to ask the candidate.

In the next section, you can establish your hiring criteria. These criteria will help you evaluate the competency of the employee. Determine the most important criteria for evaluating the candidates and using the rating scale for rating the candidates during the interview process.

For instance, you can select criteria such as years of experience, communication skills, technical expertise, and so on. Then you can rate the candidates for these criteria on a scale of 1 - 5. The rating scale will make it easy for the hiring manager to compile the results and compare candidates.

You can also include a section in the template for interviewers to provide their overall impressions and recommendations. This writeup helps the hiring manager gain more insights that may not be captured elsewhere.